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HexR Projects

When not working with clients, HexR works on projects to better serve the community. Here are some of the projects that we are working on:

PlanView (Formerly TWMaker)
Access all your teachers' websites in one page
PlanView is an all-in-one school app. Take quick notes and access your teacher's websites in a clean, simple to use interface.
Quickly upload and store an image
Image Hosting allows a user to upload an image and choose the file-name or have it randomly generated. Please note that this script is vulnerable to injection. It is not recommended to use on a production server.
Website management made simple
HexR Management System is our take on CMS. Simple, Modern, Easy to install and use. This project has been cancelled because WordPress is developed by thousands of people, allowing a much more secure and easy to use interface

You shouldn't see me

Coming Soon!
Simple media manager
MediaPHP is a quick, simple and easy to use interface to manage media on a website - create playlists, shuffle and repeat music, manage collections
Coming Soon!
Spotify Web Player
A simple to use extension to increase web interface productivity
Here at HexR, we use Spotify like crazy. With a beautiful web interface, we couldn't resist creating an extension that uses built in hotkeys to skip tracks.